Friday, November 26, 2010

Family Day


and now:

Two years ago Ivy was placed in our arms and today we celebrated our 2nd anniversary of becoming a family. We had a quiet, close day at home and Ivy was always within an arm's reach of one of us. We spent time reflecting on the past two years and envisioning our future. We also spent a lot of time playing, dancing, picking up toys, soothing our little girl's cough and going through the routines of our fairly predictable days. These routines are now second nature to us, but at one time they seemed complicated and mysterious. I often forget to recognize the magnitude of our basic daily rituals and I cherish this day, our Family Day, for reminding me that great love and miracles exist within each and every day.

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abcgirl said...

oh, i LOVE the term Family Day! It's so much nicer than "gotcha day." I might have to borrow it from you. I also love that you and Kevin are wearing the same shirts (or at least the same colors) in both pictures. :) Ivy is getting to be SUCH a big girl!